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The messaging platform to always get replies to your cold emails. 

The solution to automate cold emails no matter your industry, business size or teams.

  • A platform created by customers
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Offer great value to any kind of business


Email templates

Look no further for your creative spark, our gallery of email templates designed will help you to create engaging emails quickly.


Campaigns scheduling

Easily schedule and send your email campaigns automatically, but personalized as if you were sending them one by one.


Unlimited contact list

Add, organize and send email campaigns that help you get more replies to an unlimited contact list.


Helpful insights

Our artificial intelligence-based reporting system allows you to accurately track information from your campaigns that deliver real value to your business.



Integrate SmartColdMail into your work environment or favorite tool without any code.



Form a team by inviting your colleagues to join you so that all your teammates work with you and have access to the detailed history of a contact.

Message team members

Responsive and beautiful email templates are available by category. The content of email templates is designed to always get answers.

  • The designs and contents are fully customizable
  • Edit design or content and save it for easy reuse later
  • Use our search tool and filter the email templates by categories, keywords or tags to find the one that best suits your needs

Easily schedule and send your email campaigns

Put the schedule in everyone's pocket - no more driving to work to find out when you work.

  • Create and schedule your campaign to be sent by selecting and customizing an email template from the gallery or from scratch to design the email content yourself.
  • Contact an unlimited number of prospects daily with personalized content
  • Use logical conditions in your campaigns. For example, if the contact's total sales equal $ 10,000, send them the "Welcome Gold Client" email.
  • Automate follow-ups based on triggers. 
  • Organize your campaigns by tags to easily retrieve them

Get in-depth insights that's good for your business

We use AI to analyze your campaigns and provide you with information that helps you make decisions and get more responses.


Easily manage your team

Put the schedule in everyone's pocket - no more driving to work to find out when you work.

“SmartColdMail is a central hub where everyone can work together, drive through action and, ultimately, succeed as a team.”

Xavier Faugeron, Head of Direct Sales MEA at Orange France


Connect your work environment with us

Integrate your favorite email provider or CRM, we support all of them and be notified through our different channels when you have opportunities or leads.


See why over 22,000 companies all over the world use SmartColdMail

We prove the impact of an exceptional messaging experience

SmartColdMail has helped us tremendously in sending more engaging emails. It has really helped improve the productivity and efficiency of our business.

Brian Arnold


Sales executive at DHL


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